Maryland prepares for the first winter storm of 2014

BALTIMORE - As another round of winter weather makes its way to the Baltimore area, everyone from State Highway Administration crews to local hardware stores are making sure they are prepared from any snow that may fall over the next 24 hours.

Sam Hadzaman is one of many people out buying supplies in preparation of the storm that could bring 2 to 4 inches to Baltimore and even more in areas north and east of the city.

Hadzaman said ice melt costs a few extra dollars believes it's more effective when the temperature is well below freezing as is being predicted. Baltimore City has already declared a Code Blue through Friday.

"The best time to start laying the salt down is just when you start seeing the first flakes," he said. "The salt gets activated by the moisture of the snowflake." 

State highway crews are stopping off at salt domes and loading their trucks while getting prepared to treat the roads before the storm – which is expected to pound much of the Northeast – arrives. 

"We will mix the salt with other chemicals as needed," SHA spokesman Dave Buck said. "We have other chemicals that are disposable, magnesium chloride takes the effectives down below zero.  So we can mix that in with the salt and make that even more effective." 

Buck said he thinks the snow storm will be manageable and is most concerned about the cold afterward.

But postal worker Robert Irish is not concerned. He was out wearing shorts, and buying a shovel.

"I'm used to it," he said.

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