Maryland House winner roundup

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BREAKING | Delaney defeats GOP incumbent Bartlett in Md.

POTOMAC, Md. (AP) -- Democrat John Delaney has defeated Republican congressman Roscoe Bartlett in Maryland's westernmost House district.
Redistricting in Maryland made Bartlett one of the nation's most vulnerable incumbents in the nation by adding a large swath of Democratic-leaning Montgomery County to his western Maryland district.
At age 86, Bartlett is the second-oldest member in the House of Representatives. He is one of just two Republicans among Maryland's eight House members. He was elected in 1992 after the longtime incumbent, conservative Democrat Bev Byron, was knocked off in a primary.
Delaney, a political newcomer, defeated state legislator Rob Garagiola in the Democratic primary to win this year's nomination. 

Freshman Republican Andy Harris won Maryland House District 1 and was the only Republican elected as seven Democrats (six incumbents) were tapped to lead their respective districts.

Harris said the goal is to "keep our eyes focused on the problems this country has." He said the Republican part must step forward and identify itself as a party that can handle fiscal issues.


Andy Harris, GOP, elected U.S. House, District 1, Maryland

Dutch Ruppersberger, Dem, elected U.S. House, District 2, Maryland

John Sarbanes, Dem, elected U.S. House, District 3, Maryland

Donna Edwards, Dem, elected U.S . House, District 4, Maryland

Steny Hoyer, Dem, elected U.S. House, District 5, Maryland

John Delaney, Dem, elected U.S. House, District 6, Maryland

Elijah Cummings, Dem, elected U.S. House, District 7, Maryland

Chris Van Hollen, Dem, elected U.S. House, District 8, Maryland

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