Maryland expands 'move over' law to include tow truck operators

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Last week a tow truck driver was killed doing his job in Virginia.

Today Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a bill into law aimed at saving the lives of tow truck drivers in Maryland. Recently the state passed a law for motorists to move over if an emergency vehicle, like a police car, is on the shoulder of a road.

Tow Truck drivers were not included…until now.

“Cars coming by not getting over, it's pretty tough sometimes,” said Monty Brown, owner of AMJ Automotive in Kent Island. 

Brown and his crew rescue stranded drivers on Maryland's highways and that's not an easy task.

“Cars are running fast and you're worried about it,” Brown said. “They are not getting over. You can feel the wind, the speed. It's just scary.”

Now the law says if you see a tow truck driver on the shoulder, you must move into an open lane away from the tow truck or slow down to a safe speed. Failing to do so could cause you to receive a fine up to $500.

Brown thinks this law will make his job safer and easier.

“When you're sitting on the side of the road in danger and if they are getting over  it will be a lot off your mind when you’re trying to pick the car up,” Brown said.

Although the bill was signed today, the law will go into effect on Oct. 1.

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