Maryland runners ready for marathon, reflect on anniversary of Boston tragedy

For many Maryland runners, it has been a year of waiting for the chance to get back on the course and finish what they started in Boston. 

It was not the ending they expected after months, if not years, of training.

"I hope I can hold it together up until the point where I got stopped but I don't know," Karen Fisher said. 
Fisher isn't sure what to expect when she runs her second Boston marathon. In 2013, she was stopped by police less than a half mile from the finish line.
After hours of waiting though, she finally saw it. 
"It was very surreal. It was not what you would expect at a finish line. It was very almost post apocalyptic, deserted, fog hanging in the air," Fisher said. 
Ryan McGrath had already crossed but was still nearby with family and friends.
"We were about five or six blocks away when just before 3 p.m., we heard really loud bang and it could have been mistaken for almost anything at the time. In Baltimore, here we have the cannons go out for the ship," McGrath said. 
Mcgrath said the difference was this bang was much louder and he immediately got the sense something was wrong.
The first few weeks after the bombing were tough, but he kept running. McGrath is ready for Marathon Monday in Boston. 
"I think Boston will be a little bit different this year and for the next few years but people won't stop going," he said. 
That especially applies to Fisher. She told ABC2 not running this year was never an option. 
"I wanted to go back and finish what I started. I wanted to celebrate Boston, celebrate the great city, celebrate a great event and I felt like I had earned my right to be there ... I didn't think twice. When they said you're guaranteed in, I said, I'm there," Fisher said. 
Both McGrath and Fisher are leaving for Boston on Saturday.
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