State: Leopold cost county thousands

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Day six of the trial against Anne Arundel County executive John Leopold began with testimony of an officer who said he made overtime on the county's dime, delivering a newspaper to Leopold and driving him to lunch.

Sgt. Timothy Phelan said he eventually asked to leave the assignment because of "distress."

With passion, Sgt. Phelan said "I most certainly said I no longer want to be a part of this." He said he told former county police chief Col. James Teare about complaints from those on security detail. He admitted he didn't believe he did anything criminally wrong, but felt it wasn't right.

Teare retired on August 1, 2012. He was asked to resign in wake of Leopold's indictment.

Phelan says he drove the county executive through 2010, taking him to events on the weekend and often to lunch at Double T Diner and Golden Corral.

Sgt. Phelan says he lives in Lothian, but had to drive to Pasadena, 45 minutes, on many days, just to deliver the newspaper. He said lunch trips often followed.

"At the time, those were my days off, so it was overtime," said Sgt. Phelan under oath.

The campaign signs issue?

Phelan said Leopold told him to place campaign signs on the property of the Double T Diner. Phelan said Leopold told him he had to do it because he (Leopold) was not allowed. 

As court proceedings ended Thursday, state prosecutors detailed overtime hours for security officers earned. They said more than $10,000 was spent on two hospital stays in 2010.

On day five of the trial, another law enforcement officer assigned to Leopold's security detail admitted to running personal errands for the county executive. For a look back at day five in court, CLICK HERE .

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