Lawmakers at odds over pit bull issue

There's a dog house and there's a Statehouse.

But there's a lot of barking going on in Annapolis over a new bill to protect dog owners and those bitten.

Many pit bull owners across the state share the sentiments of Del. Luiz Simmons, a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Simmons is concerned about the pit bull bill passed out of the senate and now in front of his committee. It changes the burden of proof on deciding if a dog is dangerous. It's also not what both chambers had agreed upon going into the session.

Simmons is frustrated with senators – like Sen. Brian Frosh.

"Trying to find his position on this is like trying to nail Jello to the wall," Simmons said.

Frosh says the bills really aren't that far apart and feels confident a compromise can be reached.

"We are neither at the one bite rule or the strict liability side," he said. "We're right in the middle. It's a question whether we are a shade to the left of the middle or a shade to the right of the middle. It's just shades of gray."

While changing up a bill this late in the session puts it in jeopardy of going through both chambers, there's still a chance it could be worked out.

The House committee did not vote on Wednesday. Some believe the measure may go to a conference committee to hammer out the differences.

The session ends on April 8.

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