Late-night vote advances gun bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook… The names bring horrible images and a feeling that something has to be done.

Deep in the night, a group of Maryland's state senators got one step closer to change.

Senators approved a bill that bans assault-style weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. The bill also includes fingerprinting when you purchase a handgun and prohibits people from owning guns if they have been admitted to a mental institution involuntarily.

While the bill was approved, some lawmakers believe it is a waste of time.

"It still tramples all over everyone's second amendment rights. I don't know what part of don't infringe they don't understand. What we did is wrong," said Harford and Cecil counties Senator Nancy Jacobs.

The full Senate will pick up the bill on Monday and could vote on it by the end of next week. A similar version of the bill will be introduced to the House on Friday.

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