Kent Island deals with heavy rains, flooding

KENT ISLAND, Md. - It came in through and just soaked everything.

Nearly three inches of rain is what some on Kent Island woke up to this morning. Route 8 goes right through Kent Island, making it hard to get around for a few hours during rush hour when it was shut down because all of this rain.

Dave Readmond can releate all too well. He was planning to get his boat ready and head out for a fishing charter, but the weather had other plans.

"I was driving along and it went from no water to two feet on the road and I started sliding all over," he said.

It was so bad in some spots that several places along Kent Island had water that was almost hip deep; not because the bay or a river overflowed but because the soil could not handle all this water at once.

There were several places on Kent Island where the water was almost hip deep, not because the bay or a river overflowed but because the soil couldn't take this much water all at once.

Tammy Harper, owner of Kentmorr Restaurant, had half of her restaurant flooded this morning. Louis Robinson was doing his best to get Kentmorr back in service.

"The water was all on the inside," he said. "The carpet was all wet. Quite nasty." 

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