Hearings make officials reconsider tolls

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Maryland wants to raise tolls at bridges and tunnels to as high as $8.00.

That ambition has raised quite a controversy, especially in Harford and Cecil Counties and up and down the Eastern Shore.

The Maryland Transportation Authority is now having second thoughts about raising those tolls.

The original plan was to raise tolls throughout the state. At places like the Bay Bridge the price would double from $2.50 to $5 in October. It would then go to $8 a year later.

At public hearings around the state, people voiced their concern about the increase and because of the ill reception, the state is having second thoughts.

At the monthly meeting today the Board members of the Transportation Authority said "They will re-examine elements of the proposal over the next several weeks and use the public's feedback to help shape a final plan for approval later this summer."

Many drivers are hoping that final plan doesn't include any toll hikes.

For others like Curtis Rodweller who drives a truck for a living, the toll hike could mean the difference between cash in his wallet and going home empty-handed.

Rodweller says, "diesel and everything is going up. If they raise tolls I can't make a living."

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