Group seeks referendum against transgender rights law

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A new law on the books could be headed to a vote come November, if one conservative group gets its way. has launched an effort to put a law protecting the rights of transgender individuals up to the voters.

The law protects against discrimination in employment and housing. But it's been dubbed the “bathroom bill,” as it upholds the right of transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms for the gender with which they

"Any voter I've talked to that says that a man can go into the girls room, threatens parents' rights when they send their girl into that same room,” said Del. Neil C. Parrott (R-Washington County). “I've been appalled at this bill and really it doesn't make common sense. So we believe that voters when they see this on the ballot and hopefully they will this coming November will vote to overturn this bill."

Supporters need to collect nearly 19,000 signatures by May 31, to keep their efforts alive to put this to a referendum and then they need nearly 56,000 signatures by the end of June.

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