Missing girl's grandmother opens up about case

Anna Trainor-Goodwin says it's hard, but she's making it. At the time we spoke with her, the FBI was helping with the search for her 11-year-old granddaughter Caitlyn Virts.
"I keep wondering where is she, is she okay? ...  I got a lot of things running through my head," she said.
In the midst of her worry about her granddaughter, Trainor-Goodwin is also grieving the loss of her daughter, Bobbie Jo Cortez.
Police say Timothy Virts killed her at her home in Dundalk before taking off with Caitlyn. 
"I'd like to have them back here with me because that way, I feel like, I'm with them. I feel like I'm with my daughter," Trainor-Goodwin said.
She says Caitlyn's twin sister, Cayla is the one who found their mother Thursday morning.
She says Timothy was in the house on Wednesday when the girls got home from school but told them not to bother their mother.
Trainor-Goodwin says Cayla went into her mother's room after waking up late for school Thursday morning.
"Cayla went back downstairs, opened the bedroom door, went into the room, 'mommy wake up, you didn't get us up,' and pulled the sheet down and she found her mouth taped up and tied up," Trainor-Goodwin told ABC2.
Family pictures are on almost every wall inside her Southeast Baltimore home, including pictures of Bobbie Jo from when she was just a young child all the way up to her high school graduation.
As Trainor-Goodwin recalls her last memory of her daughter, she remembers feeling uneasy, but said she never saw this coming. 
"She said 'mommy, I love you' but when she said mommy I love you, I could hear her crying in her voice and when she went outside, I said Bobbie, is everything okay? She said everything's fine. She said everything's okay. So, I just left it at that."
Trainor-Goodwin said she had no idea where Timothy Virts might have gone with Caitlyn and said she was never close to her grandchildren's father.

Officials with the Baltimore County Police Department confirmed at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday that missing 11-year-old Caitlyn Marie Virts and her father were located at a motel in Florence, South Carolina.

REPORT: Timothy Virts taken into custody in Florence, S.C.

Timothy Virts, was taken into police custody at the scene. Caitlyn, the subject of an Amber Alert that eventually spread nationally Friday was found unharmed, according to police.


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