Governor O'Malley again meets with faith leaders on immigration

The wave of young children coming across the border may be on the other side of the country, but with so many and so little room to house them, they are being shipped into other states -- including Maryland.

Today, Governor Martin O'Malley met with faith leaders to discuss the problem and how they can help.

It was the second time in a week the governor has met with faith leaders from around our state. They gathered in Annapolis to discuss the state's plan to handle the unaccompanied immigrant children that have crossed our borders.

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“As people of faith, we believe we were called to react in faith and to respond to this crisis and faith, in compassion and in generosity,” said Bishop Wolfgang Herz-Lane.

Maryland's generosity is already apparent. There are currently 2,205 border children living with Maryland families. The governor and faith leaders would like to add another 1,500-1,800 more to that number.

Maryland Secretary of human resources Ted Dallas says the state has plans for more meetings.

“We are going to be holding meetings with stakeholders, folks who were in the meeting we just had and providers to make sure we can address the needs of these kids,” Dallas said.

Some of those needs, Dallas says, are healthcare, clothing, legal help and even finding ways to supply movie tickets for immigrant children so they can do the same things that American children do while they are here.
Some faith leaders that attended the meeting said it is going surprisingly well.

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