Fracking issues to be heard at the GA


Maryland has set up a commission to study the possible effects of drilling for natural gas in Western Maryland. There is now a moratorium for drilling permits, but some are concerned that soon may change. 
Fracking is the removal of natural gas trapped deep below the surface. Gas companies are offering large amounts of money to property owners to lease their land to do this. 
The Maryland State Advisory Commission met in Annapolis today to discuss fracking issues and many are worried.  
Paul Roberts, Citizen Member of the State Commission says, "we don't want to be in a Pennsylvania position."
Roberts is the owner of a Western Maryland winery and a citizen member of the advisory commission.
"It's simple, a common sense understanding. We can not move forward with something as complicated and potentially dangerous without having a full understanding of what were up to," he says.  
Governor O'Malley has put a moratorium on the issuing of drilling permits until 2014 but some legislators like Delegate Heather Mizeur would like a law saying no permits will be issued until a comprehensive study has been completed. 
"We have more questions than answers right now," Delegate Mizeur says.  
Governor O'Malley has now issued an order to do a study, but no money has been put aside.
Once the money starts coming in it's so difficult to get laws passed.
Fracking will be one of the issues the assembly will take up when they go into session on Wednesday. 
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