Family of local Newtown shooting victim upset over the release of the 911 recordings

One of the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting last year was born in Howard County before they moved to Newtown, Conn.

Joey Gay was 7.  Her mom taught school in Ellicott City.  Her dad graduated from Calvert Hall. Joey died three days before her birthday.

She had autism and could not speak.  The teacher who took care of her every single day was also killed trying to protect Joey.

Michele Gay, Joey's mom, offered these words to ABC2 News about the release of the 911 tapes:

"We knew it would be unlikely that the tapes would be protected," according to a family statement. "Because of the pain the release of the recordings will cause our family, we had hoped that they might be withheld."

Out of all this pain, the Gay family started "Joey's Fund," raising money for other autistic families. There will have a second fundraiser next April at Calvert Hall.


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