Dog owners outraged over MD high court Pit Bull ruling

Baltimore, Md - Is it a bad dog or a bad owner?

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are welcome like every other dog breed at the Canton dog park.

In fact folks here say there are a lot of them.

Owners say any dog can be a jerk and any dog can be a saint.

And the state appeals court ruling that singles out all Pit Bull's as being vicious is not fair.

Why not mixed breeds, Jack Russell, Dobermans, Sheppard or Bull dogs.

"Any dog that doesn't get enough exercise or chained in the back yard or not good circumstances they are dogs we always have to remember that and up to we as their caretakers to properly take care of our animals." Canton Dog Park President Beth Christman says.

But the bigger issue for some is determining what is a Pit Bull?

A chart in the Baltimore Animal Rescue Center shows that some dogs that look like a pit but aren't when you check their DNA.

Chessie definitely a member of the Pit Bull family, but is a very nice dog and in fact was the star of the kissing booth at a weekend fundraiser for BARCS.

Executive Director Jennifer Brause says determining a dog's bloodline is very difficult.

"We've gotten them with long hair crazy hair and what is it mixed with are they going to perform a DNA test because it could not be a Pit Bull terrier they're a mix of a bunch of different breeds."

But what Brause is afraid of that people will stop adopting dogs in general from shelters leaving many to an uncertain fate.

Or dogs will simply be abandoned by their owners to the streets.

"Fifty percent of people in Baltimore City are renters that's a fact a lot of those people own dogs that's a fact as well so our concern would be that they would start surrendering pets either out of worry about this new thing or landlords telling them they have to get rid of their pets and that's just sad."  Brause says.

Brause says they key to this is educating owners about the needs of the dog they adopt.

Pit bulls are a dog that needs a lot of exercise and attention you can't just chain them up in the yard or crate them and expect them to be fine.

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