DNR tests bay water quality after storms

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - All the muck you saw flowing off the Susquehanna has to run somewhere, and the end of the line happens to be the bay.

The Department of Natural Resources has 39 stations throughout the Chesapeake and coastal bays that evaluate the water every 15 minutes.

The DNR resources want to do even a more in-depth study of the bay quality.

That's why they have the R/V Kirhin doing a 3 day water analysis study starting at the bottom of the bay and working its way up.

This is the second largest sediment and rain event on the bay since Hurricane Agnes in 1972, but they didn't do water quality reading back then.

Since 1995 we have been doing water testing in the bay, back then it was a shot in the dark," said Bruce Michael with the DNR.

The DNR wants to understand what these big storms do to the bay, saying it impacts the oysters and crabs.

The bay has a way of cleaning itself, last week you couldn't even see through a bottle of bay water, but now it's much cleaner.

"A lot of that sediment has already started to settle, that's why we are testing here now," said Michael.

The bay will recover and we will see how it was impacted, next spring.

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