Detective stops shovel assault mid-swing


An 8-year veteran of the Prince George's County police department stopped a violent assault and likely prevented a homicide on Saturday. 
At about 10:30 p.m., homicide Detective Mike Ebaugh was leaving the police station when he heard what he saya was a wail for help. 
Detective Ebaugh got into his car, rolled down the windows and followed the noise. 
As he approached the corner of Allendale Drive and Barlowe Road, he heard what he says sounded like metal hitting an object. Moments later, he witnessed David Eugene Hamilton, 48, hit a nearly lifeless man whit a shovel in the head. 
With no time for backup, Detective Ebaugh drew his service weapon and ordered Hamilton to stop, just as he was about to hit the victim again. Hamilton compiled with the detective's orders and surrendered. 
The victim remains hospitalized, but Hamilton is charged with firs degree assault. 
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