Delegate Don Dwyer to talk about boat crash

Delegate Don Dwyer has not specifically said what he will talk about other than he wants to address the charges against him.

He's scheduled to appear with his lawyer today for an 11 o'clock news conference in Pasadena. Delegate Dwyer, a Republican from Anne Arundel County is set to go on trial tomorrow.

DWYER : I was drinking and driving

He's charged with causing a drunken boating accident on the Magothy last summer that injured several children.

A day after the accident Dwyer admitted he was drinking before the crash. He also admitted to being an alcoholic. He says he started drinking heavily because of a difficult separation from his wife and because he felt betrayed by fellow lawmakers who voted in support of gay marriage .

911 tapes released in Dwyer boat crash

If convicted he could face up to a year in jail. Dwyer is seeking re-election.

This weekend he held a fundraiser and raffled off two assault style weapons. Dwyer says he will use that money in an effort to un-elect those individuals who voted to strip away amendment rights.

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