Cullen Jones hosts swimming class for the Connor Cares Foundation


She lost her son.  He almost lost his life before becoming an Olympic swimmer.
Cullen Jones teamed up with the Connor Cares Foundation to give a swimming safety lesson to Baltimore city kids.
In 2008, Jones became the second African-American in history to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming.
He almost drowned at the age of five. So, he's helping kids stay safe in the water.  
"The thought of swimming is more of an activity than a life skill, and that's the first thing we need to do is change that perception," said Jones.  "Every child needs to learn how to swim because children are going to get near the water."   
Five-year-old Connor Freed drowned in Crofton.
His parents lobbied to pass legislation requiring every public pool in the state have a defibrillator.  The governor signed it into law earlier this month.     
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