Couple's paralyzed daughter survives slayings

LAUREL, Md. -  

A call to check on the occupants of an apartment at the Montpelier Crossing complex in South Laurel brought police, but what they found prompted a separate call for homicide investigators.
"They found two adult individuals who were unresponsive," said Cpl. Maria McKinney of the Prince George's County Police Department, "They were pronounced dead at the scene.  There was also another individual that was transported to a local hospital."
A family friend, Charles Collins, says the lone survivor is a teenaged daughter who lives with severe physical challenges that require fulltime care.
"She's about 19 years old, but she's a quadriplegic," said Collins, "So she can't even use... no bodily functions work.  They have to take care of her.  A handicapped van comes and picks her up every day and takes care of her.  She has nursing physicians that come on a daily basis and look after her."
It was apparently one of those nurses who called police when no one answered the door upon their arrival this morning.
Police still haven't identified the victims, but Collins says the mother was retired from Verizon and cared for the daughter, while the man of the house picked up occasional work in construction.
He adds the male victim was known to party and to invite a variety of various people to the home on a regular basis.
"I told him about that.  'Don't have these people around your daughter,' and stuff, but this is what happens when you don't listen," said Collins.
At this point, police have not identified any suspects, and there's no word yet on whether the daughter witnessed their murders or whether she would be able to communicate any information to investigators even if she had.
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