Clipper storms put pinch on SHA

Tough storms to predict, referred to as clipper storms, have made things difficult for the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) this year.

So far this year, as officials have tried to be proactive in their approach to road safety, the SHA has spent $37 million of their $41 million budget.

Winter operations expenses
Year Expenditures Salt Used (tons)
2008 $46,400,013 201,401
2009 $52,897,496 222,230
2010 $124,841,364 368,854
2011 $70,449,052 258,923
2012 $37,620,642 85,150

Why? How?

SHA spokesperson, Valerie Burnette-Edgar says it's because money has been no object when it comes to safety. On many occasions, the SHA has had crews out in the rain due to that potential of rain turning to snow or sleet.

"It's winter time in the Baltimore area, so everybody has to be cautious when you go out," Burnette-Edgar said.

As far as the SHA, Burnette-Edgar, says they've been prepared for anything and will continue their same plan of attack for clipper storms.

"You can't put a price on safety," she says.

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