BGE, local businesses preparing for winter storm

BALTIMORE - With a potential for winter weather on the way this weekend, BGE is preparing for the worst and urging others to do the same.

The utility says it  is making a lot of plans just in case this weather starts turning off the lights in area homes. BGE is also encouraging you to make sure that you're ready for bad weather.         

The power company says it is monitoring the weather and has alerted its crews to be on standby this weekend. BGE added its prepared to call in extra help from neighboring areas if the weather starts to knock out power around our area.

What's concerning, BGE said, about this storm is that it has the potential for one of the most problematic of winter conditions, including snow, sleet, ice, rain and wind.

BGE spokeswoman Rachael Lighty said now is a good time to go over your own family's preparedness list. You need to make sure you have the things you need to get through a power outage like extra batteries, blankets and non-perishable food.

Local hardware stores are also getting ready for winter weather.

Small, locally-owned stores are actually hoping for rough weather. Many count on winter equipment sales to boost their bottom lines; something that has been impacted with the mild winters in recent years.

The owner of Ayd Hardware in Rogers Forge said snow shovels are selling, but there is plenty of ice-melt on the shelves.

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