Aquarium announces sloth birth, opens baby registry

BALTIMORE - The National Aquarium announced the birth of Scout, a Linne's two-toed sloth born on November 17, 2013. The newest addition to the  Upland  Tropical Rain Forest and the second born to Ivy, one of the five sloths in the exhibit, Scout is the fourth sloth born at National Aquarium.

To celebrate the birth of Scout, the aquarium set up a baby registry at and is asking the public to shower the sloth with gifts. The public can make a donation through the website to help purchase such items as vegetables and fruit, micro-chipping and the baby's monthly checkup.  These items, priced from $10-100, are essential to the care and survival of Scout.

 "Our team is thrilled to welcome another baby sloth to our Rain Forest habitat," said Ken Howell, National Aquarium Curator - Upland Tropical Rain Forest.   "It is an honor to work with these incredible animals and inspire our guests to learn more about the ways they can protect them. All donations are greatly appreciated to help care for this not-so-little one."

 Linne's two-toed sloths are commonly found in South America's rain forests, where they spend almost their entire lives in the trees. They are nocturnal by nature, fairly active at night while spending most of the day sleeping. Adult sloths are typically the size of a small dog, approximately 24-30 inches in length and about 12–20 pounds in weight.

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