Ambulance stolen in Delaware, driven to Maryland


Now to a dramatic police chase on Route 50, only the car being chased was actually an ambulance.

Juan Williams went to Nanticoke Hospital in Seaford, Delaware yesterday in an ambulance.  
But it was the leaving part that got him in trouble. 
He needed a ride home, but police say he chose an ambulance to get there. 


Williams headed toward the Bay Bridge. 


Several calls came in about an ambulance driving erratically, and after an hour, troopers caught up with it.


"It was that area where troupers spotted him heading toward the outlets in Queen Anne's County."


Williams had the full attention of five state police cars now. 


"Traffic became heavy at the outlets so he made a u-turn back east on 50 toward Chesapeake College. "


Three Queen Anne's County sheriffs were trying to deploy stop-sticks to flatten his tires, but had trouble because of all the other traffic


"He continued to drive at very high speeds and ran the red light at 213."


State Police say the ambulance then headed into the busy park and ride at Route 404, hit a parked Cadillac, and bounced off and onto a curb where police arrested him.


Police say Williams tried to use the ambulance's lights and siren during the chase but told them he had a problem.


"He couldn't figure out to turn them on."


"I'm glad no one was hurt."


Susan Leonard was at the park and ride today and asked an important question.


"Why not use a cab or call a friend."

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