AG announces gun bill, turn-in day


Attorney General Douglas Gansler has announced his support for gun-related legislation as well as the 1st annual statewide Gun Turn-In Day. 
The AG says he supports the legislation before the Maryland General Assembly, including bills that would require reporting of lost or stolen firearms, establish better recordkeeping for gun and ammunition sales, ban 'cop-killer' bullets and lift the one-year statute of limitations for gun crimes. 
AG Gansler is also proposing legislation that would make it difficult for prohibited persons to lie on a purchase application for a regulated firearm. 
Last week, AG Gansler testified in support of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, expressing support for its fingerprinting requirement for handgun purchases, a measure he considers the most effective wat to stop straw purchases.  
In addition to supporting the bills, AG Gansler introduced a new bill expected to benefit prosecutors by making it more difficult for prohibited persons to lie on a purchase application. A soon-to-be introduced bill would require a gun dealer to recite and initial, at the time of sale, critical application questions such as, "Have you ever been convicted in Maryland or elsewhere of a felony?" 
The enhanced application process will further deter those who lie on applications and claim that they did not know they were prohibited. 
Adding to the time-tested tool to the reduction of illegal handguns on our streets, AG Gansler also announced that Saturday, May 11 will be the 1st Annual Statewide Gun Turn-in Day. 
This event will allow anyone to surrender illegal or unwanted firearms to local law enforcement, no questions asked and no identification required. 
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