8 tips to avoid getting bitten by a dog

Have you ever been "cornered" by a dog while out for a walk, or going to your mailbox?

According to the Dog Bite Law Center more than 800,000 people are bit by dogs across the United States every year.

Millions of dollars is spent each year treating dog bite injuries each year and most of the time the attacks happen on the dog owners property.



The Dog Bite Law Center has compiled the following tips to help you avoid getting bitten by a dog:




  1. Put your face near a dog
  2. Allow dogs to roam unleashed
  3. Approach a strange dog
  4. Tease a dog
  5. Startle a dog
  6. Bother a sleeping, eating dog, or one caring for puppies
  7. Leave a small child with a dog alone
  8. Ignore warning signs of aggressive dogs, miss vaccinations

    *SOURCE:  Dog Bite Law Center
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