Severe weather threat expands east of the Mississippi River

Today will be the fourth day of this severe weather outbreak. We've already seen ninety-five tornado reports, and more are on the way.

The low pressure system causing the violent weather has shifted into the Midwest today, and the front trailing is coming to an end. However, as a front winds down, it uses all its energy and moisture all at once, which can make for strong thunderstorms with heavy downpours.

In the upper levels of the atmosphere, all the ingredients remain across the South, especially Mississippi and Alabama.

The day began with tornado watches across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and by the afternoon, it will look eerily similar to yesterday with more tornado watches across Mississippi and Alabama.

The Storm Prediction Center has already issued a moderate risk for severe weather along the Mississippi-Alabama border.


This is also where the risk for tornadoes is greatest. A slightly smaller risk expands as far east as the Carolinas and as far north as Indiana and Ohio.


Damaging, straight-line winds as well as large hail are also threats today. The greatest risk for both is still in the South, but the risk area expands as far north as Michigan and as far east as the Carolinas and Virginia.


As of right now, today looks like the last best chance for widespread tornadoes. Tomorrow may bring a few isolated severe storms, but it won't be anything like the outbreaks we saw Sunday and Monday.

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