Volunteers make 'Hope Bags' for children in hospitals

COLUMBIA, Md. - The backroom of Wegmans in Columbia was like a cross between an Amazon warehouse and the North Pole on Saturday.

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It was like an all-volunteer army of do-gooders working to make hope bags for children in local hospitals.

Scores of kids and parents sorted out donated goods, poured them into buckets and sorted them again.

Organizer Emi Burke said she did it for the love of her son. (Watch the video for more

They danced their way down the assembly line pouring love into each little bag.

The hope bags were then handed over to UPS, which then wrapped them up to be sent to sick children in need of … hope.

Burke and her crew of volunteers producer over 26,500 bags. She says she one day wants to distribute them to every single state. 

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