2 Good 2 Be True: The Hope Factory

COLUMBIA, Md. - Emi Burke wanted to marry, have three little girls, with cute little dresses and go on to live a perfect life. 

Then her life got better than perfect when she gave birth to our boy wonder Conor.  Emi Burke, and The Hope Factory is "2 Good 2 Be True."

"Even though he cannot see, or speak, he speaks with his heart," said this Baltimore mom who has started The Hope Factory. 

Every Saturday of this month, come on out to the Mall in Columbia where you can make out a card and drop in the tub.  These cards will then be delivered to children who are in our hospital beds. 

On May 3, upstairs at Wegmans in Columbia, you will see the greatest assembly line, where kids of all ages will stuff yellow Hope Bags. 

In those bags, you'll see cards, stickers, I-Tune cards and more donated items to make sure those not doing well right now, know someone is thinking of them.

Emi has gotten UPS, Wegmans, The Mall, Apple Ford all behind this great effort. 


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