Soft Stuff ice cream shop reopens in Howard County

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - Ah to order mint chocolate chip at the Ice Cream Cottage in Arbutus, Italian cookies and cream from Vaccaro's or butter pecan from Broom's Bloom.

But look who's back in business in Howard County. You no longer have to sweat the small stuff, as Soft Stuff has re-opened. 

For almost two years, a tasty tradition has been gone from Ellicott City. Since 1984, the mere mention of Soft Stuff would draw lines of customers up the boardwalk to the carry-out windows.

But in late 2012, all that was torn down to be redeveloped. After a “soft” opening earlier this month, so to speak, Soft Stuff' is back for generations to enjoy.

And with a few additions, there's even more to enjoy, including indoor seating, a bigger menu and even more ice cream flavors to enjoy.

Soft Stuff is now available year-round.

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