Snow chills businesses' bottom line

COLUMBIA, Md. - Plowing snow and shoveling sidewalks were highly profitable endeavors this winter. Other businesses however, didn't fair as well. Monday's fresh blanket of heavy, wet snow didn't help. 

Sonoma's, a popular restaurant/bar in Columbia took a big hit from Monday's snow after preparing for St. Patrick's Day crowds. 

“You know we normally look forward to a very busy day throughout the day," Tom Lea, a manager at Sonoma's said. "It’s not just a busy night. We open early. We do breakfast. The snow killed us, especially with the snow being closed. ...

“It just seems like the weather knows when it’s going to hurt the most," he continued. "We had the patio tables set up this weekend. It was nice. We put the heaters away. Big drinking holiday. Big day of revenue. And bam—8 inches of snow.”

Mike Souder, owner of Tree Pros in Clarksville, had to take the day off because of the snow. 

“Sure did," Souder said. "It kept us out of the trees. We couldn’t put the trucks out. It was a little bit dangerous. It slowed us down.” 


How did you spend your snowy St. Patrick's Day? 

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