Safety questions surround track derailment

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - The clean-up of the train derailment in Ellicott City is going to take a while, but looking into making the tracks safer could happen soon. As crews clean up all the coal in Ellicott City from a deadly train derailment, people want to know, is anything being done to make the tracks safer?

ABC2's Linda So spoke to the Howard County Executive Ken Ulman Thursday about what is being done to prevent something like this from happening again.

Ulman says the death of two 19-year-olds has prompted a safety review.

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Ulman says CSX has asked a community safety manager to look at the safety aspects of the railroad line and whether the area can be better secured.

Thursday morning cranes were out cleaning up the coal from the derailment.  All 21 of the train cars were gone and cleaned up, but Main Street is still closed and the NTSB is looking into what caused the derailment in the first place.

Two 19-year-olds died when the train derailed, Rose Mayr and Elizabeth Nass.  They were on the bridge when the train derailed.

Nass was supposed to head back to James Madison University next week for her junior year.

Click here for funeral information for Mayr and Nass.

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