Public Notice | Sewage overflows into Little Patuxent River

Provided by Howard County Health Department: 



March 6, 2014

Sewage Overflow

In compliance with the Maryland Department of the Environment's Procedures for Public Notification of Sewage Spills, Overflows or Release, the Howard County Health Department in cooperation with the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Utilities reports the following:

Pre-Cautionary HEALTH ALERT

A process line has broken at the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant. The line carries high strength solids from the bottom of the process tanks on its way to dewatering.  Some run off did enter into Guilford Run and directly into the Little Patuxent River.  The Sewage will likely be carried away quickly due to high river levels.  No homes are directly impacted.  Given the general wooded location of this overflow site, public contact is unlikely. The public is reminded to avoid contact with these types of affected areas. 

Sanitation Measures

Personnel from the Bureau of Utilities first discovered the overflow at approximately 8:15 a.m. this morning and isolated the line preventing further overflow. Repairs will begin tomorrow. 

For general information regarding the circumstances surrounding the overflow, contact:   BUREAU OF UTILITIES AT 410-313-4900

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