Principal describes girls who were killed in train derailment

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WMAR) - 19 year-old's Rose Mayr and Elizabeth Nass were about to be college juniors.  Mayr at the University of Delaware, Nass at James Madison University.

Monday night the two old high school friends went to a place Ellicott City residents say a lot of young people go, the historic train trestle above main street.

According to the girl's twitter accounts, they sat there and shared photos; one of main street in their home town, another of their legs dangling over the bridge's edge. According to their social media accounts those photos were shared near midnight, it was 12:02 authorities say a Baltimore bound C-S-X train carrying coal derailed on the bridge killing the two teens.

In a press conference late Tuesday afternoon, officials were unclear what caused the derailment but were certain Mayr and Nass died beneath the pile of coal spilled from one of the cars.

At least one of the girl's twitter accounts was made private late into the day, but through the morning their tweets and pictures remained public helping to frame this tragic narrative.

"They were friend, had good attitudes, you know, just really great girls and it's just a shame." said Mount Hebron Principal Scott Ruehl.

Both families requested we respect their privacy this afternoon, but their old principal at Mount Hebron High School gave us some insight on who these two were.

Mayr and Nass were part of the class of 2010, friends back then, good students, well liked and well known.

Both were very active in the community and the school's dance program.

As the high school gets ready to start the 2012-2013 school year, there are still students and staff who know the two teens and hold them and their families in high regard.

"It's sad. Sad to start the school year off with such tragic news. The thing I know is that the Mount Hebron community will rally around to support these families and support these students." said Ruehl.

Ruehl added there will be counselors on hand to assist both staff and students who drop by the school in this week before the new academic year starts.

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