Photo taken just before train derailed

Ellicott City, Md. - A photo shared on appears to have been taken from the train overpass in Ellicott City just before a train derailed.

The photo was shared by one of two young women who died after more than 20 CSX train cars derailed.

The picture was shared by Rose Mayr around midnight. Mayr and Elizabeth Nass both died during the train derailment.

The photo appears to show to two victims sitting on the train overpass in Ellicott City. Mayr shared the photo posting "Looking down on old ec..."

UPDATE | Tuesday afternoon the Twitter account belonging to Rose Mayr was deactivated.

Mayr tagged @LizNassty. Nass uses the twitter account LizNassty.

Police say they are working to determine what the girls were doing in the area of the tracks.

There's no indication as the the cause of the derailment and that investigation is now being lead by the National Transportation and Safety Board.

Search continues for other potential victims

A man sitting inside an Ellicott City bar at around midnight heard a rumble and felt a shake.

To say he was surprised when he took a peek outside would be an understatement.

"Just a big ole rumble -- a big rumble, big boom, and on my way out the door some kid comes in yelling, 'hey, you gotta check this out!'" Brad Arnold said.

Arnold, an employee of Phoenix Emporium, a pub across the street from the railway, said he was inside the business running credit cards when the train derailment happened.

"Come outside, and you know, I looked up the street, down the street -- didn't really notice anything until I looked up the bridge. ...That's when it all became real," Arnold said.

Witnesses to the tragic accident say coal and pieces of mangled rail cars littered the side of the tracks seemingly as far as the eye could see. Many wondered what could be underneath. ( Read More )

2 teenagers die in Ellicott City train derailment

Police say that two 19-year-olds died in a Tuesday train derailment near Old Frederick Road in Old Ellicott City.

Elizabeth Nass and Rose Mayr, both of Ellicott City, have been confirmed dead.

Nass' family says that she was going to be a junior at JMU this fall.

The crash happened at 12:02 AM on the historic bridge in downtown Ellicott City.

Officials have not said how the two died, but have confirmed the two were on the bridge prior to the train's derailment.

According to Howard County executive Ken Ulman, the CSX coal train was 80 cars long and 21 of them derailed near the bridge.

There were two locomotives pulling the train that was traveling from Grafton West Virginia towards Baltimore. ( Complete Story )

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