Medal of Valor awarded to Howard Co firefighters

It was a chance to celebrate, honor, and acknowledge Thursday night at the Howard County Fire and Rescue Services Awards Ceremony.
Award after award was given out to the people who help make Howard County a safer place and even save lives.
A perfect example of that kind of heroism is what Firefighter/EMT Justin Savage and Firefighter/Paramedic Veronica Conner did in October of last year. 
"There's no thought. You just do." Savage said. 
Savage is talking about what he and Conner saw when they got to Route One in Laurel. Howard County Police say the call came in shortly after 4 p.m. from a business in the 9500 block of Washington Boulevard. The called reported seeing a man with a gun. Savage and Conner were two of the first people to the scene. 
"Literally our worst nightmare seeing one of our brothers laying on the ground but we knew what we had to do and we did it," Conner said. 
Officer Steven Houk had been shot by a suspect who was on the loose. Savage and Conner sprung into action.
"It all happened in slow motion. It's not something you expect to see on a daily basis," Conner said. 
"We just saw someone down in the grass and we immediately saw it was a Howard County officer and at that point there wasn't a hesitation and at that point my partner and I just said let's go," Savage told ABC2. 
They got to Officer Houk, found his gunshot wound, and controlled the bleeding. 
"It went better than textbook. Officer Houk was in the transport unit on his way ... to shock trauma within it seemed like a couple minutes," Savage said. 
Who better to present them with the Silver Medal of Valor than Officer Houk.
He has been back at work for about a month.
He says he has a little pain but nothing that stops him from doing his job.
The three have met once before. 
"Officer Houk, he actually stopped by the station. I think it was his first day on duty and that was huge, just seeing him walking around and that was definitely a good feeling," Savage said. 
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