Sandy Hook family to hold 'Joey's Fund'

ELLICOT CITY, Md. (WMAR) - Michele Hartman is what they call a "First Generation Columbian." 

She was born and raised in Columbia, Howard County.  Went to Centennial High, then Towson,and then met Bob Gay. 

Bob was raised in Towson, went to Calvert Hall.  They met as friends and fell in love at Bertha's Mussels. 

They would have three children:  Sophia, Marie and Josephine Grace.

"Joey" was Autistic.  She couldn't talk.  But oh how she could love. 

She was in the wrong place, (attending Sandy Hook Elementary), on the wrong day, (December 14th). 

She was one of the 26 angels killed that day.  Her special teacher Rachel D'Avino who looked after Joey everyday, was found clutching her, protecting her to the very end.  Both would die.

Both parents have spent the last six months on an emotional rollercoaster. 

But they have put all their effort into Joey's Fund under the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism. 

On Saturday night, June 8th, the Gays will hold the first, Joeys Purple Ball.  It will be held at Calvert Hall.  All monies will go to families of autistic children who cannot afford the care and special services required to support a child with autism.

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