Howard County victims claim paving scheme hit their neighborhood

COLUMBIA, Md. - An Anne Arundel County man charged in a local paving scheme could be stirring up more trouble. Since our story on Tommy Clack aired two weeks ago, more people have come forward in Howard County, claiming they've been forced to pay for work and overcharged by thousands.

79-year-old Lou Florenzo gets angry when he looks out his window and sees his driveway, only partially paved under a blanket of fall leaves. He says, "What really ticks me off is I didn't kick him out of the house. I should have told him to get out."

He's talking about Tommy Clack, an Annapolis-based paver who's been charged in Anne Arundel County for operating without a license and banned from business in two other states.

Florenzo says Clack showed up at his door September 19th, claiming to have extra asphalt and offering to pave his driveway. Florenzo asked for an estimate, but says he never got one, so he was surprised to later see crews at work. He explains, "I went outside and said, ‘What are you doing?' and he said, ‘Grading your road'. I said, ‘I know but before you do anything I have to know how much it's going to cost and what you're going to do'."

But Florenzo says they continued on his driveway anyway and were about 300-feet into the job when he took drastic measures to stop them. Florenzo tells ABC2, "I just walked in front of the grader and said, ‘You're not going to do anymore. Get out'."

The crew left and Clack returned the next day with a huge bill for the half done job: $19,000. Big tabs like that have been reported by more than a dozen people from three counties who have complained to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission about being overcharged by thousands.

Florenzo's complaint will be the latest. His wife ended up giving Clack $4,500 even though they never authorized the work. Finding out about Clack's record makes that even more frustrating. Florenzo says, "Why is he still doing this? Why can't they somehow put a lock on this guy so that he can't continue to do this?"

But Florenzo isn't the only potential victim in Howard County. ABC2 News spoke with a 68-year-old man in Columbia. He claims Clack wanted to charge him $30,000, but he refused to pay and told Clack he'd see him in court.

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