Howard County Unsweetened campaign launched in Ellicott City

Ellicott City, Md. -  

We've been covering the epidemic of childhood obesity for years now, and experts all agree, sugary drinks play a big role.
That's how "Howard County Unsweetened" got started.
Howard County and the Horizon Foundation have partnered up for the campaign aimed at helping parents and students choose drinks with lower sugar content.
To illustrate just how big the problem is, 9.6 tons of white sand representing sugar was trucked in and dumped in front of Burleigh Manor Middle School.
That is the exact amount of sugar the students at Burleigh Manor would take in if each of them just drank one 12 ounce soda each day for a year.
Part of the Howard County Unsweetened campaign includes a website called the Better Beverage Finder where parents can get ideas for healthier drinks.
The Better Beverage Finder can be found at
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