Howard County Superintendent Renee Foose parachutes to inspire fearlessness in students

COLUMBIA, Md. - There are a lot of ways to encourage students to succeed, but Howard County Public Schools Superintendent Renee Foose may have set the bar in Maryland Thursday with a stunt involving the Army. 

Foose went skydiving with the US Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights Gold Demonstration Team , to encourage the more than 50,000 students that she represents to be fearless. She said she did it to inspire students with the message that they can do anything they put their mind to. 

After safely touching down on the 50 yard line at Atholton High School, Foose admitted, “I was scared to death.

"They kept opening the door and turning the plane [sideways] and I had the seat that was right there on the edge," she continued. "I was a little nervous. I had a lot of second thoughts but once you get in the plane there’s no coming back except one way and that’s out the door.”

Foose was selected as the first woman to oversee the Howard County Public schools system as superintendent in July 2012. 

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