Howard County Liquor Board temporarily suspends licenses at two stores

HOWARD COUNTY, Md: - The Alcohol Beverage Hearing Board of Howard County  temporarily suspended  the liquor licenses held by two area liquor stores as a result of violations each received during a police-conducted test last winter.

Last November, Howard County police conducted a test of liquor stores throughout the county that resulted in five businesses being cited for selling alcohol to underage customers. 

As part of the operation, a 19-year-old male police cadet entered the liquor stores and purchased alcohol. In each case, the cashier conducted the transaction without asking for identification or proof of age.

"I guess it's another way to check out if it's minors. Because it is serious. It's very serious," Christine Wilson, a customer of the shopping center that houses St. John's Liquors, said. 

But not everyone agrees with the method police used. Demetrius Greene told ABC2 he feels the police should be focused on other work.

"I think the police should regulate crimes, violent crimes, you see what I'm saying? Not stuff that parents should be regulating. ... If somebody wants to drink, they are going to get it how they're going to get it, regardless. You see what I'm saying? So whether they are going to get it themselves or they get somebody older to get it, they are still going to get it," Greene said. 

Due to previous offenses, liquor board has fined St. John's Liquors $2,200 and suspended its liquor license for three consecutive weekends, May 9-12, May 16-19 and May 23-26.

St. John's Liquors was also cited after it was learned that its resident licensee moved to Colorado. Howard County requires the resident licensee to live in the county. The licensee did not submit an address change to the Liquor Board administrator.

The Alcohol Beverage Hearing Board also suspended the liquor license for Lark Brown Liquors for three consecutive weekends: May 16-19, May 23-26 and May 30-June 2 and imposed a fine of $2,500.

The remaining businesses were fined by the Alcohol Beverage Hearing Board as follows: Vinoland Liquors, $700; Village Liquors, $500; and Glenwood Wine & Spirits, $250.


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