Divorce sought for man accused of murder

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WMAR) - The wife of a man who was arrested and charged with killing his first wife and burying her body under his shed is now seeking a divorce.

Martha Jarrett filed for divorce on April 27, stating that her husband Robert Arnold Jarrett, Jr. deserted her and cheated on her.

According to court documents, Martha and Robert have lived together in the home on Claire Drive for the last 19 years. The property is where Robert's first wife, Christine's body was found hidden under a backyard shed.

Martha's lawyers have also filed a motion with Howard County Circuit Court for a temporary restraining order and motion to freeze the couples assets.

According to the motion, Robert and his first wife, Christine were granted an absolute divorce in January 1993, only two years after Christine went missing. In 1998, Christine was declared legally deceased.

Martha and Robert were married in June 1993. During the course of the 19 year marriage between Martha and Robert, Martha says she was verbally and mentally abused, belittled and often threatened.

In December 2011, Robert told Martha that he wanted to end the marriage and began living elsewhere, with another woman in an adulterous relationship.

In January 2012, Robert abandoned and deserted Martha as it was the last night he spent at home.

In April, detectives arrived at the home on Claire Dr. asking permission to search the property in regards to a missing person. Police told Martha that they had information that Christine Jarrett may be buried in the back yard. Martha gave them permission to search.

The body of Christine was found under the floor of a shed in the backyard. The same day police charged Robert with the crime.

Martha says that she is now scared of Robert.

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