Deer management sharpshooting to begin


The Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks has announced its fall and winter schedule for managing deer through sharpshooting. 
This program will be held in an effort to help maintain a stable, balanced white-tailed deer population on county lands.  The sharpshooting program is different from the managed hunts, in that specifically trained and qualified personnel using highly accurate, noise-suppressed rifles, remove deer under a special permit. 
All the meat from this operation will be donated to charitable organizations in the area. 
All properties will be closed to the public during this operation between 3:30 p.m. and midnight. 
The sites and schedule for the sharpshooting program is as follows:
Alpha Ridge Landfill:
January 3 & 17 (dawn to 11:00 am, concurrent with managed hunt in adjacent park)
Daniel's Mill Overlook:
February 28; March 7
Governor's Run Open Space: 
February 21; March 5
Gray Rock Open Space:
December 11 & 17;
Hollifield Farm:
February 28; March 7
Meadowbrook Park:
December 20; February 26
Mount Hebron Open Space:
February 28; March 7
Robinson Nature Center:
March 11
Rockburn Branch Park: 
January 22; February 7
Worthington Park:
December 13; January 24
Since the deer population reduction programs are not permitted in many areas of the county, the Department of Recreation and Parks has developed a Deer Management Reference Manual to help homeowners and gardeners live in harmony with the white-tailed deer. Click here for more information.
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