Six people displaced in Howard Co. fire

CLARKSVILLE, Md. - The top of a home is pushed over safely before it falls on a neighbor.  It's the heartbreak that comes with fire taking over a townhome.

"We all have children who go to school together," said Kristen Kral, a neighbor.   

Now the neighbors who live on Blue Point Ct. in Clarksville have a reason to stay together.  There are broken windows and water pouring through the front door.  

It was shortly after 11 a.m. Monday when witnesses called 911 reporting heavy fire in the end unit.  George Gurley saw the smoke from about a mile away.

"I saw some smoke coming up, and I said wow something's on fire.  Looks like it may be Danny's neighborhood."

Danny is Gurley's son, who was at work while his grandchildren were back to school.  They are okay; it's the memories they are missing.

"Pictures, jewelry, things that are important, mementos, besides furniture and clothing," said Gurley.    

Some items were salvaged and brought outside.  About 70 firefighters from Howard County Fire and Rescue helped out.

"This is a defensive attack.  It's an exterior.  It's what we do when it's untenable," said Asst. Chief Eric Proctor, Howard Co. Fire and Rescue.    

The fire spread next door before crews could get it under control.  Six people aren't going home Monday night.

Neighbors told firefighters that a dog was most likely inside this home, five doors down from where the fire started.  They kicked in the door and rescued a beagle.

"She screamed very loud and she brought the fireman's attention, and they ran to the top floor and rescued our very scared beagle," said Kirill Sherman, the dog owner.   

No one else needed to be rescued, but many material items were not saved.

"I'm thinking of the kids. Hanukkah just started, Christmas.  It's not good," said Kral.    

One firefighter has minor injuries.  Investigators have not determined the cause of the fire.  The Red Cross is helping out homeowners. 


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