Baby comes early as mom delivers at home with firefighters help

COLUMBIA, Md - She wasn't on the ballot on Election Day, not even as a write in.

But Adrienne Duperre beat both Obama and Romney when it comes to winning the hearts of the big tough firefighters.

The seven pound bundle of little girl showed up before the polls opened on Election Day.

Much to the chagrin of her parents who thought they would have time to get to the hospital when mom Brittany went into labor just before three that morning's

 "My husband was asleep in bed and I went downstairs to watch tv and when I started feeling them and I said I think we can go now and by the time I got upstairs and started talking to him that was it. " Brittany Duperre says.

""She woke me up at about 245 and was pretty calm about it so I took the hospital bag from upstairs and brought it to the car and by the time I got back up I found her in the bathroom on all fours it's time" Joseph Duperre says.

Both parents were freaking out at about this point.

Babies should come into this world in nice clean hospitals.

"I called 911 and the person on the other end of the line told me to have her sit down on the ground and he started talking about how to deliver the baby and it's not really clicking in my head yet and I'm hoping maybe you could send someone to help me here. "  Joseph says.

Well they did.

Medics and firefighters from Howard County Station 10, rushed to Duperre's house all the while dispatcher Andrew Cummin helped a nervous dad with the birth.

And when firefighters came, baby Adrienne's referendum on life was already cast.

 "We walked in and went upstairs and saw Brittany sitting down on the bathroom floor with little Adrienne the umbilical cord was still attached so we first clamped that off and we turned around and said to dad if he wanted to cut the cord and he looked at us in shock that he wanted to do it and so he did it and we took the baby from Brittany and started to dry her off. "  EMT Bart Albrecht says.

Little Adrienne was taken to the hospital but she was just fine.

Bright eyed and beautiful; a little sister to Jay.

Being born on Election Day hopefully won't sentence her to become of all things a politician.

But she has already votes of confidence from an entire fire station.

"My husband and I had a huge sigh of relief when we saw everyone come in everyone did such a great job we're so thankful for everyone." Brittany says.

"We have many member of our department that in their 30 year careers never deliver a baby and in the last two years we delivered two so it's something to smile about." Fire Lieutenant Dan Dushanko says.       

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