Celebrating "Mom & Pop" shops

Day set aside to celebrate family owned businesses


Attic Antiques and Things, in Ellicott City, is a small store, and that's just how Brenda Franz likes it, "I do offer customer service."

It's something you may not always get at the larger corporate run stores, and Brenda says that's what keeps people coming back, "Just tell me what you want and 9 times out of 10 I'll be able to find it.  They can't believe I know where it is, I just photograph it in my head."

There is no big computer inventory.  Brenda does it all by hand.  There isn't even a cash register, just a receipt box.  Not only do you get great service, you also get a little history lesson, "This is picture by Frank Smoot, he was an illustrator for the Baltimore Sun."

One couple we ran into came into the shop, not to spend, but to make money.  They're selling this dinner setting to Brenda, and love stores like hers, "It's a great idea to find these little stores and bring in your stuff to recycle and somebody else can use."

So as Brenda keeps on making people happy, the consumers return the favor, "I love it when they find something they want. I can tell I've made someone happy and that means everything to me."

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