3D Maryland opens new Innovation and Prototyping Lab

COLUMBIA, Md. - 3D Maryland opened its Innovation and Prototyping Lab Thursday, the state’s newest lab dedicated to the advancement of 3D printing and digital manufacturing.

The new lab will feature industry-level workstations, a variety of industry standard professional software packages and four 3D printers for prototyping.

Seminars, workshops, classes and customized training will be offered in the lab as well.

“We are now on the leading edge of what many are calling the next industrial revolution,” Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said in a statement. “3D Maryland, and this new facility, allow us to take another leap forward to drive innovation, enhance manufacturing, and keep and add jobs right here by using these cutting edge technologies.” 

3D Maryland is an initiative of the Howard County Economic Development Authority designed to increase awareness of 3D printing, digital manufacturing and the competitive advantages that the technology offers.

“We believe this initiative provides a tremendous opportunity for us to help businesses and industries commercialize new products,” said Lawrence F. Twele, chief executive officer of the Howard County Economic Development Authority.” The initiative is already generating innovative new ideas, and reducing the cost and time needed to produce new prototypes in fields from medicine to manufacturing.”   


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