You Should Be Dancing

Couple celebrates 70

Baltimroe - It's Saturday night at Giovanni's in Edgewood.   There's our song.  it's time to dance.  Drapey, in his black silk shirt takes June's hand and away they go to Summer Wind.

"He was 16 and I was 15", said June.  Now Drapey is coming up on 90 and June is right behind at 89.  They are about to celebrate 70 years of marriage.

Five times a week four hours a night at places like Nina's and the Green Dolphin and now Giovanni's every Saturday night, because they like the Martino Boys.

"Its like old school and we like it", said John and Frank Martino.  They have five children, 13 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  "It's great makes the years go by.", said Drapey.

What's the secret?  She cooks like Drapey's mom.  Never heard that one before did you.  Al Rossi give me a bouncy "C"!


And whether it's a slow or a fast one, Drapey and June tell all of us to keep dancing.  You get the feeling it may work.  Hey, think they are in love?  Drapey said, "I probably love her more today and I did when we met."

And this story has to end with a kiss.

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