Victims graduated from North Harford High School

STREET, Md. -  

The pain is too great, the crash scene too graphic and the loss too fresh for 20-year old Alexz McDowell's family to bear less than 48 hours after the accident that claimed her life and those of two other North Harford High School graduates.

Her aunt, Carla Pennington, says a night of celebration turned tragic within a matter of seconds.

"Friends had went to dinner... a good group of kids, and I just want to pray for all the families.  Five families are hurting right now.  I just want to pray for all of them."

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused 21-year old Tyler Anderson to lose control of his Mazda 3 Saturday night on Prospect Road near Street, Maryland, but it couldn't have happened in a more treacherous stretch of road.

"The vehicle turned sideways, went up on a guardrail and then became airborne and as it traveled through the air, it struck several small trees and then impacted a large tree and that's when investigators believe the vehicle broke apart into three large pieces," said Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police, "Three of the occupants of the vehicle were ejected.  All three of those were deceased at the scene."

"He loved his car and he loved animals," said Krista Magnifico. the owner of Jarrettsville Veterinary Center, where Anderson managed the kennels.  "Very kind, very compassionate, very generous, he was wonderful with our clients and all of our pets and he really loved them like they were family."

You can still see pieces of the destroyed car strewn over the steep ravine and a splintered split rail fence where part of the car came to rest at the bottom of that hill.

Along with the personal messages scribbled nearby, the flowers and a single candle, there remains a jumbled heap of car parts---evidence of the force that broke apart the car and forever took three young people from their families and friends.

"They were just great kids and just some of the nicest people I ever met (sniffle)."

Along with Alexz McDowell and Tyler Anderson, 21-year old Shawn Ponton of Jarrettsville died in the crash.

Alexz' boyfriend, David Clark of Street, and 19-year old Theresa Owensby of Bel Air are still listed in critical condition at Shock Trauma.

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