Teachers Protest For Equal Pay

Tuesday night marked a second protest for Harford County Public School teachers.

They gathered at the Harford County Council meeting to protest equal pay for all teachers.  There was standing room only, after protesters moved inside because of the rain.

The protests began after teachers received a letter on May 24 th that stated the following:

"While the Board of Education blames the Harford County fiscal authorities for not providing adequate funds for a pay increase, HCEA has evidence from an independent auditor (Pellicoro Associates) that HCPS does in fact have the necessary funds. Additionally, Jim Jewel, the chief financial officer of HCPS, in his third quarter financial report indicated that the school system will again finish the school year with a surplus. "

The Harford County Teacher's Association says they want to receive raises, the same treatment other county employees have been getting.

The teachers do not blame lawmakers, but want parent to be aware of their situation.

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